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forever to be great artist
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Otherwise, I'll stand on your little toe!>:I

FREE PIKACHU ICON by uPikachu:heart:Pixel Zim by WindWo1f:heart:Beemo by CommonDusty

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What House of Hogwarts did the Sorting Hat Place You In?
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Paper Disproves Spock 2.0 by iRaccoon
:thumb304876756: :thumb304816647: Cheshire Cat Page Buddy by TwelvePM

:heart:My DA-family:heart::

:iconcanatari:My fellow fangirl fish, that is also my personal grandpa!>XD
:iconkittyfox9000:The family pet, a.k.a., the fox kitty mutation thingy~(O-O)~
:iconsimplybrillig:My motherly big sister that cares about everyone!>3<
:iconjingle101:My pervy bee friend!*intense eyebrow wiggling* That is pervy!*even more eyebrow wiggling*
:iconwirinee:My older cousin that I look up to!X3
:iconlegolinenzian:My funny, dream sharing, big, lovely sister!>X3
:iconyumelemonchan2713:My sweet little cousin^^
:iconthetruewizardkitty:My little midget cousin!>XD
:iconhaxussora97:My pervy bro, that has a problem with being a table!!!>:I
:icontheoneandonly-k:My childish, elder AND pervy sister!>XDDD
:iconmisspouncealot:My amazing, amazing sister!>u<
:iconoktopusiane:My own pet octopus>:3
:iconentonboy:My own pet duck>:3
:iconveronikash:My cute, little sister!<3
:icond3mon1cfox:My roleplaying, just as geeky as me, sister!>XDDD
:iconretrospacelove:My alien loving, big sister from the future!>u<
:iconyooptin:That crazy sister from the west, or how I like to call her: Burrito the heroine!!!>XD
:iconthewickedwordsmith:My rymeslinging big bro!X3
:iconartistic-highblood11:My lil' pokemaster-bro!>3<
:iconwhitexkitty:Ohohohohohohoho, my just-as-crazeeeh-as-me-sister, that is secretly Santa's cat!!!!!!
:iconxxmi-chansartxx:My hired stalker-hedgehog!>:3
:iconlovelychance:My very first roleplay-sister!>w<
:iconmikage-yoshinoanerin:Hoho, that sister who is secretly (shhhhh!) dating THE DIB!!!! (Zim does not approve!)

I :iconluvluvplz:you all! (comment to be added!>3<)


Diiiiiib :iconemegeek:EmeGeek 236 31 Zim :iconkgbunn:KGBunn 58 1 PEW PEW PEW :iconroastedstix:RoastedStix 18 4 Adventure Bros. :iconroastedstix:RoastedStix 53 3 Homestucked :iconroastedstix:RoastedStix 47 2 KANAYA.MOV :iconroastedstix:RoastedStix 35 3 Tavros :iconroastedstix:RoastedStix 25 1 HONK HONK HONK :iconroastedstix:RoastedStix 33 0 NEPETA with a yarn :iconroastedstix:RoastedStix 58 3
Don't pay attentione to this, it's just a ToDo-List!X3

*Gift from :iconthewickedwordsmith:

*Birthday gift for :iconthetruewizardkitty:

*Birthday gift for :iconwirinee:

*request from :iconyooptin:

*request from :iconjingle101:

*think of a Collab idea with :iconthetruewizardkitty:

*request from :icond3mon1cfox:

*draw a scene from RP with :icond3mon1cfox:

*my part of the art trade with :iconxbassfacex:

*:icontheoneandonly-k:'s contest

Because I'm evil my boy, because I'm evil...:iconzimevillaughplz:



Ooookay, first of all, I of course LOVE your character!!!X3 She's so cute and adorable, and very sympathetic!^^ Then, I have to say, I ...

I know I'm not a really good artist or anything, but I'll try my best anyway! :D Firstly, I love the picture! It is so beautiful and you...



Gwwwwgh. I went through the old stuff I uploaded and my eyes started bleeding....should I just deleate everything??? I mean, the pic's are REALLY old, I mean I don't even have the same style anymore, but I still can't upload anything sadly, and I don't want everybody thinking that I still draw that uglyyyy!:iconsawbplz: I don't know, should I, should I not?????? TELL MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!:iconcryforeverplz:
Or should I just make a whole new account and start off complete new???? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, tell me what to do, my mind's in a big mess!!!!!!X'c


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I....don't really know what to write here!X'D Yeeeh, well, if you like my art and wanna support me, I'd be insanly happy over each and every point you donate!:heart: I'd also glomp you the whole day and throw Llamas at yooou!:iconarmstrongtighthugplz:

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